How to Transfer Xiaomi Notes to Other Smartphones

Bhanu Pratap
By Bhanu Pratap 4 Min Read

Transferring notes from one smartphone to another, especially across different manufacturers, can be a daunting task. However, with the right methods and applications, this process becomes seamless.

In this article, we’ll explore universal ways to export notes from Xiaomi, offering quick and convenient solutions for users looking to migrate their data.

Universal Methods for Exporting Notes from Xiaomi

1. Using Bluetooth Transfer

  1. Open the “Notes” application on your Xiaomi device.
  2. Expand the interest sheet and look for the square icon with an arrow in the upper-right corner.
  3. Click on the icon and choose the type of content you want to send (text or picture).
  4. Click on the Bluetooth icon to initiate wireless file transfer.

2. Using Mi Mover

  1. Open Xiaomi’s proprietary application, Mi Mover.
  2. Select the “Old” option to work with the current device.
  3. Grant the application permission for all requests.
  4. Enter your PIN code or graphic key to unlock the smartphone.
  5. The Mi Mover will search for data transfer, and on the second device, select “New” to initiate the transfer when the phones find each other.

3. Using Mi Cloud

  1. Open phone settings and navigate to the account section.
  2. Click on the Xiaomi Cloud option and toggle the switch for “Notes” to the enabled position.
  3. Manually upload information to the cloud using the “Synchronization” button.
  4. On the receiving smartphone, log in to the same account and let automatic updates do the rest.

Other Options for Transferring Data from MIUI or HyperOS

1. Transferring to Samsung

Utilize the Smart Switch application for seamless transfer from Xiaomi to Samsung. Install the app on both devices, grant permissions, and ensure both phones are connected to the same network. Follow the on-screen prompts for a smooth transfer.

2. Transfer to Huawei and Honor

On Huawei smartphones, use “Phone Clone” following a similar process as Smart Switch. Choose the master device, select the necessary programs and data for export, and let the devices do the rest.

3. Transfer to Realme and Oppo

For Realme or Oppo, use Gmail for easy information transfer. Select Gmail in the transfer option menu, and export the data as text via email. On the receiving device, enter the email, and copy the needed text from the email.

4. Transferring to an iPhone

For Xiaomi to iPhone transfers, use third-party note apps like Google Keep or Evernote. These apps synchronize automatically between your smartphone and the cloud, providing a seamless experience across multiple devices.

5. Transfer to OnePlus

For a more complex alternative, directly copy the app with saved text to the OnePlus device using apps like Migrate or Titanium Backup. Note that this method requires root access on both devices.

By following these comprehensive methods, users can effortlessly transfer their notes from Xiaomi smartphones to devices of other brands. If any issues arise, feel free to ask questions in the comments for further assistance.

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