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  1. Topical Relevance: Articles submitted to HyperOS Hub should align with our focus on tech products and services, including software, hardware, and gadgets.
  2. Objectivity and Accuracy: Content must maintain objectivity, balance, and factual accuracy. Avoiding a sales pitch and presenting a fair and accurate portrayal is crucial.
  3. No Minimum Word Count: While there’s no strict word count requirement, quality articles typically span at least 1000 words. Proper structuring with sections and subheadings is appreciated.
  4. Product Reviews: If the submission is a product review, it should encompass an introduction, features and benefits, pros and cons, service tiers, price information (if relevant), unique details, and a conclusive summary.
  5. Visual Elements: Reviews should include proper screenshots or graphics that are original and not sourced from other sites.
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  7. Completeness of Information: The information presented in the article should be comprehensive, avoiding mere snippets or teasers that redirect readers elsewhere for more details.

To explore collaboration opportunities or make inquiries, kindly reach out to us at bhanu.bp16@gmail.com.

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