Xiaomi Started Rolling Out HyperOS Update for Xiaomi 13 Ultra

Bhanu Pratap
By Bhanu Pratap 3 Min Read

Xiaomi has officially initiated the deployment of the long-awaited HyperOS update for the Xiaomi 13 Ultra, heralding a substantial leap in user experience. Exclusively tailored for the European region, this groundbreaking update positions the Xiaomi 13 Ultra as a frontrunner in embracing the evolutionary features of HyperOS.

Key Features of the HyperOS Update

The HyperOS update, based on the stable Android 14 platform, introduces a plethora of enhancements that elevate system optimization, promising an exceptional user experience.

Weighing in at a substantial 5.5 GB, the update bears the unique build number OS1.0.5.0.UMAEUXM, showcasing a comprehensive augmentation of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra’s capabilities.

Changelog Highlights

As of December 18, 2023, the changelog for the Xiaomi 13 Ultra HyperOS update released for the EEA region is provided by Xiaomi.


  • Android Security Patch updated to December 2023.

[Comprehensive Refactoring]

  • Xiaomi HyperOS comprehensive refactoring optimizes performance for individual devices.
  • Dynamic thread priority adjustment and dynamic task cycle evaluation for optimal performance and power efficiency.
  • Energy-efficient rendering framework for improved performance and smoother animations.
  • Integrated SOC for smoother hardware resource allocation and dynamic prioritizing of computing power.
  • Smart IO engine focuses on prioritizing important current tasks, reducing insufficient resource allocation.
  • Upgraded memory management engine frees up more resources, enhancing memory usage efficiency.
  • Storage refresh technology for smart defragmentation, ensuring sustained fast device performance.
  • Intelligent network selection for smoother connections in poor network environments.
  • Super NFC boasting higher speed, faster connection rate, and lower power consumption.
  • Smart signal selection engine dynamically adjusting antenna behavior for improved signal stability.
  • Upgraded network collaboration capabilities significantly reducing network lag.

[Vibrant Aesthetics]

  • A global aesthetic overhaul inspired by life itself, revolutionizing the look and feel of the device.
  • Introduction of a new animation language for wholesome and intuitive interactions.
  • Natural colors infuse vibrancy and vitality into every aspect of the device.
  • All-new system font with support for multiple writing systems.
  • Redesigned Weather app providing essential information alongside an immersive portrayal of weather conditions.
  • Streamlined notifications focusing on crucial information, presented in the most efficient manner.
  • Lock screen visuals transformed into art posters with dynamic rendering and multiple effects.
  • Revamped Home screen icons featuring new shapes and colors.
  • In-house multi-rendering technology ensuring delicate and comfortable visuals throughout the system.
  • Upgraded multi-window interface for enhanced multitasking convenience.

Xiaomi 13 Ultra’s HyperOS update is currently undergoing deployment to users enrolled in the HyperOS Pilot Tester program, underscoring Xiaomi’s dedication to thorough testing before a broader release. While the initial phase unfolds in Europe, global users can anticipate the widespread rollout of the HyperOS update in the coming weeks.

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