Xiaomi Announces Significant Changes to HyperOS Global Bootloader Unlock Policy

Bhanu Pratap
By Bhanu Pratap 4 Min Read

Xiaomi, a trailblazer in innovative operating systems, has recently unveiled substantial alterations to the bootloader unlocking rules for devices operating on Xiaomi HyperOS.

This move comes as part of the company’s commitment to prioritizing security within its intelligent ecosystem that seamlessly integrates personal devices, automobiles, and smart home products.

Security is a Priority!

Central to the philosophy of Xiaomi HyperOS is security, and the company has decided to restrict bootloader unlocking permissions to specific users after upgrading to Xiaomi HyperOS. This strategic decision is driven by the acknowledgment that unlocking the bootloader could potentially compromise the security of devices utilizing Xiaomi HyperOS, posing the risk of data leakage.

This aligns with the approach taken in the HyperOS China version, where users were subjected to restrictions on bootloader unlocking. Global users can anticipate facing similar limitations.

Bootloader Unlocking Rules: A Comprehensive Overview

1. Regular Users

For regular users, maintaining the bootloader in its locked state, which is the default setting, is highly recommended. This ensures a secure and stable environment for day-to-day device usage. As the bootloader lock holds little relevance for normal users, this policy enhances the overall security of their phones.

2. Enthusiasts and Developers

Enthusiasts and developers seeking customization options for their phones can apply for bootloader unlocking permission through the Xiaomi Community. The application portal will soon be accessible via the Xiaomi Community App, with detailed rules available on the application page.

New Bootloader Application Process

Similar to the previous MIUI and Chinese HyperOS bootloader process, users will need to provide a detailed description of their bootloader lock application on the Xiaomi forum.

A logical explanation for unlocking is required, and users will undergo a quiz, scoring over 90 points. Xiaomi’s stringent evaluation process aims to make bootloader unlocking a challenging endeavour.

3. MIUI Users

Users on previous operating systems, such as MIUI 14, retain the ability to unlock the bootloader. However, users opting to leave their devices unlocked will no longer receive Xiaomi HyperOS updates. To continue receiving updates, users are encouraged to contact after-sales service for guidance.

Users can still unlock the bootloader by installing the latest version package via fastboot, but custom ROM users may face increased difficulties.

Device Upgrade Sequence: Exercise Patience

Xiaomi underscores that the device upgrade sequence to Xiaomi HyperOS is contingent on the comprehensive product development process. Users are requested to be patient as the company works through the upgrade process.

Xiaomi has disclosed that the update will roll out to eight devices in Q1 2024, although the company reserves the right to surprise users with updates on more devices at any time.

As Xiaomi continues to refine its operating system, these bootloader unlocking rules stand as a testament to the company’s unwavering dedication to user security and satisfaction within the ever-expanding Xiaomi ecosystem.

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