How to Enable and Use Bokeh Effect in HyperOS Gallery

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Today, let’s delve into one of the standout features – the Bokeh Effect in the HyperOS Gallery. If you’re curious about what Bokeh is, how it operates, or how to unleash it on your Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO device, stick around. We’re about to break it down step by step.

What is the Bokeh Effect in HyperOS?

The Bokeh effect in HyperOS Gallery is a captivating feature that allows you to add a custom-style blur effect to your photos, producing visually stunning images. It simulates the aesthetic of a blurred background, showcasing shapes like circles, stars, hearts, and more. Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of enabling this feature on your device.

How to Enable Bokeh Effect in HyperOS or MIUI

Before we begin, ensure you’re using a Xiaomi phone running Android 13 based MIUI 14 and above. Now follow these steps:

1. Download the HyperOS Gallery APK and Gallery Editor APK from the links below and install both of them on your smartphone sequentially.

2. Launch the Gallery app on your device, select a photo you want to enhance and enter the edit mode by tapping on the Edit icon (pencil-like icon). Please make sure that you select a photo that has a person as the main subject. Boeh doesn’t work on objects or pets.

3. Within the editing tools, locate and activate the Bokeh mode. The detailed steps-by-step guide about using the Bokeh effect is given below.


If the app installation encounters issues, consider waiting for the next update or reinstalling the Gallery Editor app.

Additional Tips for Optimal Performance

  • This feature functions most effectively on devices with a robust processor and a higher Android version (Android 13 and above).
  • Mid-range smartphone users may need to await upcoming HyperOS Beta updates.

How to Use the Bokeh Effect in HyperOS

Once you have enabled the Bokeh effect on your HyperOS or MIUI device, follow the below steps to edit and enhance your photo with this feature.

1. Launch the HyperOS Gallery app on your device and choose a photo featuring a person to get the best results.

2. Tap on the Edit option (pencil icon) to enter the photo editor mode.

3. Now, swipe the tool panel from right to left to reveal additional editing tools to locate the Bokeh option. Tap on it.

4. In the Effect section, explore and select the Bokeh effect that suits your preference.

5. Tap on the “Select” option below to fine-tune the focus on your subject and use the sliders to adjust the Focus area.

6. Once satisfied with the adjustments, tap the Right Checkmark (Done) button to save your photo as a new image.

How to Fix if the Bokeh Effect is Not Working?

If you encounter any challenges with the Bokeh effect:

  • Ensure you’ve installed the latest HyperOS Gallery and Gallery Editor APK.
  • Keep your MIUI version up to date or anticipate upcoming MIUI and HyperOS updates.
  • Remember, this feature is compatible with Android 13 and above devices.
  • Apply the Bokeh effect to photos featuring people, as it may not work as intended on objects or pets.

Give these solutions a try, and if you run into any hurdles, drop a comment below. I’m here to assist you in navigating through any challenges. Happy Bokeh editing!

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