Xiaomi Watch H with HyperOS Set to Hit the Shelves Soon

Bhanu Pratap
By Bhanu Pratap 3 Min Read

Xiaomi, a global technology giant renowned for its smartphones, is gearing up to expand its smartwatch portfolio. With the introduction of the Xiaomi Watch H series, the company aims to diversify its offerings, joining the existing Xiaomi Watch and Xiaomi Watch S lineups.

According to insider information from tech influencer Mukul Sharma, the upcoming Xiaomi smartwatch series will officially be named Xiaomi Watch H. While the meaning behind the ‘H‘ remains undisclosed, it is speculated to follow the trend set by the ‘S‘ in the existing Xiaomi Watch S series.

The standout feature of the Xiaomi Watch H is its operating system – the highly anticipated HyperOS. Expected to debut in the first quarter of 2024, the Xiaomi Watch H will join the ranks of HyperOS-enabled wearables, following in the footsteps of the recently released Xiaomi Watch S3 and Redmi Watch 4.

Xiaomi Watch S3

Sharma’s leak has sparked intrigue within the tech community, as enthusiasts eagerly await further details about the Xiaomi Watch H’s specifications and features. As the first quarter of 2024 approaches, anticipation grows for the official unveiling of this latest addition to Xiaomi’s smartwatch lineup.

Interestingly, the Xiaomi Watch H will not be the pioneer HyperOS smartwatch from Xiaomi, as both the Xiaomi Watch S3 and Redmi Watch 4 already incorporate this innovative operating system. The move to integrate HyperOS is part of Xiaomi’s strategy to enhance the user experience and stay at the forefront of technological advancements in the wearables market.

While specifics about the global availability of the Xiaomi Watch H series are yet to be confirmed, it remains unclear whether the smartwatches will be region-specific or launched across various countries simultaneously. The tech community awaits further insights through certifications and additional sources.

In the meantime, Xiaomi enthusiasts around the globe eagerly anticipate the global release of the Xiaomi Watch S3 and Redmi Watch 4, currently exclusively available in China. Following the pattern of their predecessors, these wearables are expected to hit the international market, providing users worldwide with access to Xiaomi’s cutting-edge smartwatch technology.

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