Xiaomi Addresses Misinformation Surrounding HyperOS Pornographic App Detection and Alerts

Bhanu Pratap
By Bhanu Pratap 3 Min Read

In recent days, Xiaomi’s HyperOS system has become embroiled in controversy following claims that it possesses the capability to detect and report the presence of pornographic apps. The origin of this controversy can be traced back to a doctored screenshot shared by a TikTok user on the internet, falsely suggesting that a HyperOS update allowed the system to automatically identify and report such apps to authorities.

Dissecting the Misinformation: Xiaomi’s Response to HyperOS Update Allegations

Wang Hua, Xiaomi’s General Manager of Public Relations, has taken proactive measures to dispel the misinformation surrounding HyperOS.

In a public statement, he expressed concern about the rapid dissemination of rumors in the digital age, emphasizing the shift from trusting visual evidence to the spread of false information based on single images or manipulated pictures.

While the misleading content has been removed from its initial appearance on social media, the rumour continues to circulate in various online communities and forums. In response, Hua shared authentic screenshots for comparison and urged the online community to prioritize the spread of accurate information.

Upon examination of the genuine update logs for HyperOS across different device models, it is evident that the actual update was centred around enhancing system security. The update incorporated the Google security patch (2023#11) for November 2023, in direct contrast to the claims made in the manipulated image.

HyperOS: Xiaomi’s Multi-Faceted Operating System

Developed by Xiaomi, HyperOS serves as an operating system designed to seamlessly integrate various aspects of the user’s digital life, spanning smartphones, vehicles, and home devices. The operating system has been rolled out to numerous Xiaomi and Redmi models.

In addition to its integration into smartphones, Xiaomi is in the process of developing a new smartwatch known as Xiaomi H, which will feature HyperOS. Moreover, leaked information has surfaced, revealing the initial list of global Xiaomi smartphones slated to receive the HyperOS update.

Xiaomi aims to address the misinformation surrounding HyperOS and reassert its commitment to providing accurate information to its user base. The controversy serves as a reminder of the challenges posed by digital misinformation and the importance of fact-checking in the contemporary digital landscape.

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