Xiaomi 13 Series Anticipates HyperOS Global Update Soon

Bhanu Pratap
By Bhanu Pratap 3 Min Read

In a thrilling development for Xiaomi 13 series users, Xiaomi has officially announced the imminent rollout of the much-anticipated HyperOS update. As the global tech giant continues to make strides in technological advancements, the HyperOS interface is set to bring a myriad of exciting innovations to the Xiaomi 13 series.

The Xiaomi 13 series, which made its debut in 2023 with its cutting-edge features, is about to take its user experience to the next level. The HyperOS Global update, initially introduced in China, is now ready to grace Xiaomi 13, Xiaomi 13 Pro, Xiaomi 13 Ultra, Xiaomi 13T, and Xiaomi 13T Pro devices in other markets.

HyperOS Global Builds Ready for Deployment

The HyperOS update is not merely a routine enhancement; it signifies a significant leap forward in the user interface domain. Xiaomi 13 series users can expect a refreshed system with dynamic animations, a redesigned user interface, and a host of other enhancements designed to elevate the overall smartphone experience.

Here are the specific HyperOS versions for each model in the Xiaomi 13 series:

  • Xiaomi 13: OS1.0.1.0.UMCMIXM, OS1.0.1.0.UMCEUXM (fuxi)
  • Xiaomi 13 Pro: OS1.0.1.0.UMBMIXM, OS1.0.1.0.UMBEUXM (nuwa)
  • Xiaomi 13 Ultra: OS1.0.2.0.UMAMIXM, OS1.0.2.0.UMAEUXM (ishtar)
  • Xiaomi 13T: OS1.0.2.0.UMFEUXM (aristotle)
  • Xiaomi 13T Pro: OS1.0.1.0.UMLEUXM (corot)

The last internal HyperOS build for the Xiaomi 13 series has undergone thorough testing and is now poised for a widespread release. European users will be the first to experience the transformative HyperOS update, followed by a gradual rollout to users in other regions.

Timeline for HyperOS Rollout: What to Expect

The HyperOS update is on the verge of reaching eager users, with the deployment expected to commence by the end of December at the latest. Xiaomi assures users that this update will be a game-changer, marking the arrival of Android 14 along with the HyperOS interface.

This update also signifies the first major Android upgrade for Xiaomi 13 series devices, promising a seamless integration of the latest features and functionalities. HyperOS Pilot Testers will be the first to receive this groundbreaking update, ushering in a new era of user interface excellence.

As the tech world anticipates this transformative release, Xiaomi encourages users to wait patiently for the HyperOS update that is set to redefine the smartphone experience for Xiaomi 13 series users worldwide. Stay tuned for an enhanced, intuitive, and visually stunning interface with the advent of HyperOS.

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