Redmi K60 (mondrian) HyperOS Firmware Update

The Redmi K60 is the latest addition to Xiaomi’s impressive lineup of smartphones, combining cutting-edge technology with sleek design to deliver an exceptional user experience. Boasting a powerful processor, stunning display, and advanced camera features, the Redmi K60 is designed to meet the demands of modern smartphone users.

Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a photography lover, or someone who values high-performance devices, the Redmi K60 promises to redefine your smartphone experience.

Redmi K60 HyperOS Firmware Download

Ensure your Redmi K60 stays up-to-date and performs optimally by downloading the official firmware for your device. The model codename for the Redmi K60 is mondrian. With the flexibility to flash or perform a software update, you can easily enhance your Xiaomi phone’s performance and enjoy the latest features.

Utilize the official Mi Flash Tool for a seamless and secure process, ensuring that your Redmi K60 runs on the latest MIUI stock ROM (Flash File). Keep your device in top condition and explore the full potential of your Redmi K60 with regular firmware updates.

Redmi K60 HyperOS Firmware (China)

Get the most recent stable versions of HyperOS for your Xiaomi Redmi K60 in both Fastboot ROM and Recovery ROM formats. Enhance the performance and stability of your device by downloading and installing the latest HyperOS tailored for the Chinese variant of the Redmi K60. Upgrade your smartphone experience with these optimized ROMs, ensuring a smooth and reliable operation on your Xiaomi device.

Fastboot ROM

File Size8.4 GB
Release Date02/12/2023
Package Name –

Recovery ROM

File Size5.5 GB
Release Date07/12/2023

Redmi K60 MIUI Firmware (China)


  • Device: Redmi K60
  • Model Name: 23013RK75C
  • CodeName: mondrian
  • Region: china
  • Version: V14.0.28.0.TMNCNXM
  • Android: 13.0
  • Branch: Stable 
  • Type: Fastboot
  • File Size: 6.8 GB
  • Release Date: 07/11/2023
  • Package Name: mondrian_images_V14.0.28.0.TMNCNXM_20230927.0000.00_13.0_cn_chinatelecom_bd97221899.tgz

Recovery ROM

  • Version: V14.0.28.0.TMNCNXM
  • Android: 13.0
  • Branch: Stable 
  • Type: Recovery
  • File Size: 6.6 GB
  • Release Date: 16/10/2023
  • Package Name:

Older China MIUI Firmware

MIUI DateROM (.zip) ROM (.tgz)
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