POCO HyperOS Pilot Tester Program Set to Launch Soon

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In the fast-paced world of smartphone technology, POCO is gearing up to redefine user experiences with the introduction of the POCO HyperOS Pilot Tester Program. As advancements in smartphone technology continue to unfold, POCO aims to provide a unique and enhanced experience for users through its Android-based HyperOS.

This program offers a select group of users an exclusive opportunity to test the latest version of HyperOS before its official release, contributing to the refinement of this cutting-edge operating system.

POCO HyperOS Pilot Tester Program Overview

The POCO HyperOS Pilot Tester Program is a specialized beta testing initiative that invites a limited number of users to explore the upcoming HyperOS release in advance. Participants in this program will have the privilege of pre-testing the enhanced features, visual design, performance improvements, and battery life optimizations of HyperOS.

Moreover, participants will be encouraged to provide valuable feedback, helping Xiaomi refine and finalize the ROM for public release.

Supported Devices and Builds

POCO F5 is set to be the first POCO smartphone to receive the HyperOS Global update. The builds OS1.0.4.0.UMREUXM, OS1.0.2.0.UMRINXM, and OS1.0.1.0.UMRMIXM, spotted on the Xiaomi server, are indicative of the imminent POCO HyperOS Pilot Tester Program.

Requirements to Apply for POCO HyperOS Pilot Tester Program

To be eligible for participation in the POCO HyperOS Pilot Tester Program, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Own and actively use the specified POCO smartphone models.
  2. Log in with the same ID provided in the recruitment form.
  3. Have a tolerance for potential issues and be willing to cooperate with engineers by providing detailed information about any encountered problems.
  4. Possess the ability to recover the phone in the event of a failed flashing and be willing to take risks associated with failed updates.
  5. Be 18 years of age or older.
  6. Those who have participated in the POCO MIUI 14 Mi Pilot Tester Program need not reapply, as they are automatically eligible for the POCO HyperOS Pilot Tester Program.

Application Process

Interested users can apply for the POCO HyperOS Pilot Tester Program by filling out the application form provided on the official POCO website. Before applying, participants are encouraged to review the terms and conditions to ensure their rights and interests are protected during the survey.

The application process involves answering a series of questions, including privacy consent, unique user ID, device ID submission, age verification, data backup warning, Xiaomi account ID retrieval, specific device selection, ROM region verification, and a final confirmation step.

Upon successful completion of the registration process, participants will be officially enrolled in the POCO HyperOS Pilot Tester Program, gaining exclusive access to upcoming updates and features.

POCO HyperOS Pilot Tester Program FAQs

For those with burning questions about the program, the POCO HyperOS Pilot Tester Program FAQs section provides clarity on various aspects:

1. Benefits of Participation

Participants receive early access to eagerly awaited HyperOS updates, enhancing system stability and introducing impressive features. It is essential to be aware that some updates may contain bugs, emphasizing the importance of user feedback.

2. Confirmation of Program Participation

Users can confirm their enrollment if their device receives a notification for a new HyperOS Pilots update. Conversely, an inaccessible update suggests that the application might not have been accepted.

3. Supported Devices

An extensive list of POCO devices is included in the program, ensuring compatibility with various smartphone models. Here are all the supported Poco Devices:

  • POCO F5 Pro
  • POCO F5
  • POCO X5 Pro 5G
  • POCO X5 5G
  • POCO M5s
  • POCO M5
  • POCO X4 GT
  • POCO F4 GT
  • POCO F4
  • POCO M4 5G
  • POCO X4 Pro 5G
  • POCO M4 Pro 5G
  • POCO M4 Pro
  • POCO X3 GT
  • POCO F3
  • POCO M3 Pro 5G
  • POCO F3 GT
  • POCO C55
  • POCO C65

4. Update Types

Participants can expect stable updates with build numbers like OS1.0.0.X or OS1.0.1.X. Bugs are promptly addressed, and subsequent stable updates are swiftly released.

5. Timeline for New HyperOS Updates

After successful application, participants should stay tuned for notifications regarding new HyperOS updates, which will be rolled out shortly.

In conclusion, the POCO HyperOS Pilot Tester Program offers enthusiasts an exclusive chance to shape the future of HyperOS, providing valuable feedback and insights. For more detailed information and updates, users are encouraged to follow POCO’s official channels. Happy testing!

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