HyperOS Features: What’s new in the MIUI 14’s Renamed Successor

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The highly anticipated arrival of HyperOS, Xiaomi’s cutting-edge operating system, is just around the corner, brimming with innovative features set to elevate your user experience. Discover the 18 standout features awaiting you in HyperOS:

Exciting news awaits! HyperOS is poised to make a grand debut alongside the Xiaomi 14 series smartphones on October 26, 2023, in China. If you’re currently on MIUI 14 and itching to explore HyperOS, fret not! The majority of these phenomenal features seamlessly integrate with your device. Simply snag the dedicated app from our APK section, and you’re all set to embark on the enchanting journey of HyperOS magic.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the game-changing features that are destined to redefine your Xiaomi experience!

1. Revamped HyperOS Control Center

Immerse yourself in the revamped Control Center, drawing inspiration from iOS 17. Navigate with ease and manage your media seamlessly, elevating your interaction with your device.

2. Lock Screen Customizations

Exercise complete control over your lock screen with HyperOS. Choose from an extensive selection of pre-defined wallpapers, apply various styles, and add a depth effect, reminiscent of iOS. Personalize your device like never before.

3. Bokeh Effect in Photos

Unleash the Bokeh effect in the gallery, a secret weapon to blur backgrounds, beautify your shots, and make your photos stand out. HyperOS turns every snapshot into a work of art.

4. HyperOS Weather

Experience a sleek new design in the Weather app that prioritizes easy access and spot-on forecasts. Stay informed with a weather app that looks cool and works great.

5. Notes app with Material You design

With HyperOS incorporating Android 14, your Notes app adapts to the Material You design, changing its appearance to match your wallpaper style. Seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality.

6. Calendar App

The Calendar app in HyperOS undergoes a complete redesign, boasting a more user-friendly interface. Now, you can easily see the number of weeks in a month, jump to a specific date, and calculate your age—all within the app.

7. New Camera

Premium Xiaomi phone users can anticipate a transformed camera app with HyperOS. Quick mode navigation, vibrant touches, and an overall enhanced photography experience await, making capturing moments more enjoyable than ever.

8. HyperOS App Vault

Access tasks effortlessly with the new App Vault in HyperOS. It’s not just about widgets; it’s a world of functionality that’s both handy and visually appealing, enhancing your overall user experience.

9. New Battery Features

HyperOS draws inspiration from Apple iOS 17, introducing new battery features. Monitor your device’s charging history, set a current mode to optimize battery performance, and take control of your device’s energy usage.

10. Charging Animations

Plug in your HyperOS device and witness a delightful new charging animation. It’s a fun and cute way to confirm that your device is charging, adding a touch of whimsy to your daily routine.

11. Improved Privacy

Big thumbs up to Xiaomi for prioritizing privacy in HyperOS. Now, users can easily check which apps are using their location, microphone, or camera, putting control back in the user’s hands.

12. Improved System Security

The security app in HyperOS has been completely revamped, introducing a host of new features to enhance the overall security of your device. Ensure your peace of mind with robust security measures.

13. 30 New Awesome Wallpapers

With every new OS update, Xiaomi releases a collection of new wallpapers. HyperOS brings over 30 new options, allowing users to find the perfect wallpaper to match their unique style and preferences.

14. Live Stickers

Another exciting feature from iOS 17 arrives in HyperOS—Live Stickers. Press and hold any object in a photo to share and copy it, using it as a dynamic live sticker. Change the background of any image for added creativity.

15. Wallpaper and Personalization

In HyperOS, changing wallpapers, fonts, and themes is made easy with the new Wallpaper and Personalization section in the Settings app. Customize your Always-On Display (AOD), icons, fonts, and themes—all from one convenient place.

The Gallery app in HyperOS receives a substantial update with features like Live Stickers, the ability to change image backgrounds, and applying a bokeh effect to photos. Explore your photo collection in an entirely new way.

17. Updated File Manager

The File Manager app in HyperOS gets a major UI overhaul, making file management intuitive and user-friendly. Easily categorize and filter your files, enhancing your overall file management experience.

18. HyperOS Sidebar: Swipe and Go

Introducing the Sidebar feature in HyperOS, allowing users to set up multiple applications and access them with a simple swipe from the edge of the screen. An old feature with a new UI, enhancing convenience and user experience.

This list merely scratches the surface of what HyperOS has to offer. As we eagerly await the official launch, share your thoughts on your favorite features in the comments below. HyperOS is set to revolutionize your digital experience, surpassing the capabilities of MIUI.

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